Daily Prompt: My Number One

There is one very special person who has been there for me when everyone else seemed to walk away. This person never judged me in spite of having an opinion. He would look out for me when I didn’t realize he was, he was very unassuming and simply stayed in close enough proximity to ensure that I or my children didn’t need anything he was able to provide. He never asked for anything, and didn’t interfere in any romantic relationship I had. He was a true “friend” and earned my respect and trust by just being a considerate, thoughtful and genuine person. Over the past year, he stood with me, held my hand and had my back while I struggled to maintain what remained of my life. He went from being a friend, to being a very special friend, to being my very best friend before I even knew it. I don’t know when he became such an irreplaceable part of my life but, my best friend is now my cherished companion and life partner.



Progress is made by making the best of each moment.  Learn to use your NOW in the best way possible.  If you are spending time doing things that are counter-productive remember that time is the most valuable thing any of us has.  The more constructively we use our time, the better our lives are.  Strive to make each moment as memorable as possible.  Do something that your future self will thank you for..